Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Great Catmunicator

My cat is learning to become a very effective communicator, now that she has figured out just how
stupid I am. Obviously, if she just sits and meows at me, I'm at a total loss. I have to ask her to use her non-verbal skills -- though I'm no genius at interpreting them at times either.

Naomi has always wanted to curl up on my head and it took us several years to work out a way for her to get what she wanted and for me to still be able to breathe. I lie on my left side and she sits on my left arm. She wraps around my neck and has the upper part of her body on my head. She does this most often right when we go to bed and occasionally in the wee hours of the morning.

A couple of years ago she did this, then got down. Then repeated. Then she did it again, very quickly. I finally got it. She wanted me to turn over so that she could have the warm spot. So I rolled over. She curled up in the warm spot and went to sleep. That part of my training was complete.

Last night I did not go to bed normally. Instead of turning out the light and crawling into bed so that she could curl up on my head for a bit, I left the light on and laid down on the made bed. She came up and curled up on my head for a few moments and then moved on to curl up next to my butt. She didn't stay there either. She would come and stare at me, meow and then climb up again. I finally realized that she was concerned. She has somehow come to take the regular routine as how she tucked me into bed before she would jump into the linen closet over the bed to go to sleep herself. (Never fear, she does not have leave to mess my clean sheets and towels, I have made a cozy bed for her in one spot so that she will leave the clean stuff alone.)

Much to her relief I got up, turned out the light, and went properly to bed. She came and cuddled me one last time again. Minutes later I could hear her leap into the cupboard over the bed happy the she had finished her business for the evening.

My mother passed away last year. It is nice to know that there is still someone looking out for me and willing to tuck me in at night.

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  1. Nice to know the furry friends still want to keep yow well and whole! Do you have a head butter, as well, that's the communication my gives me when I am not getting the food out fast enough!